A building in the county of Essex in the south-east of England, which in the Middle Ages served as a prison for accused of witchcraft, is sold for 240 thousand pounds sterling

Vanessa Mitchell, the owner of the now quite comfortable home, is trying to sell it for the third time. The woman left here for 15 years when she saw the mysterious splashes of blood. According to Vanessa, she was also attacked by ghosts, one of which looked like a goat in the form of Satan.

Realtors refer to the former prison, which is known as the “Cage,” the most visited house in England. The building is also frequently featured in TV coverage.

In 1582, in the village of Saint Osyth, where the “Cage” is located, 14 women were found guilty of witchcraft, three of them were executed. Among those sentenced to death is the local healer Ursula Kemp. A memorial plaque in memory of her hangs on one of the walls of the former prison.

In 1921, two female skeletons were found in the garden of the house. Experts believe they belong to those accused of involvement in witchcraft.