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From here, you can filter the database according to certain criteria from each of the categories listed below. You may filter on more than one category simultaneously, and you can select as many items as you wish from each of the drop-down lists.
The selections you make are for records to be included in the list of records the site will find for you. So if, for example, you wanted to find all records for companies in Canterbury, with between 5-50 employees, offering personnel jobs, you would select Canterbury from the Area drop-down list, both 5-20 and 21-50 from the Size list, Personnel from the Jobs list, and leave the Sector and Vacation work availability lists set to Any.
Although on each of the lists above, Any is preselected for you, clicking on an alternative item will select that instead. To select multiple items, use <crtl>-click on Windows, or <command>-click on the Macintosh. <shift>-click will select a range of items on both Windows and Macintosh machines. Other platforms may differ from these conventions.
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