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Ashford Borough Council

Sector Local Government and Public Services
Area Ashford
Nature of Business Local Government
Number of Employees 250 - 1,000
Jobs Supplied to Graduates Finance and Accounting, General Management, Legal, Marketing, Public Relations, Transportation and Logistics, and Other
Vacation work availability Unavailable
Contact name Katy Parr/Judy Janson
Address Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PL
Telephone 01233 330205
Fax None
Web site
Company notes Local Government is a huge service provider - environmental health, housing, planning and many more all of which benefit the local community. Ashford Borough Council either provides services directly to the public or arranges for others to do so. Most of these services affect the daily lives of local people in a major way. The leisure centre you keep fit in, the collection of your household rubbish, the hygiene standards in your local restaurants all of these things are the councils responsibility, plus many more besides. The broad range of occupations at Ashford Borough Council has always produced many different patterns of work. Some jobs require employees to work the normal 37 hours per week, but there are lots of other working patterns available. Increasingly Ashford Borough Council is looking into different ways of working due to the pressure on us to deliver more efficient, cost-effective services, and secondly to met the demands of employees who want to achieve a better balance between their work and private lives. There are several flexible options including flexi-time, part-time work, working from home, job sharing, term-time working, swapping hours, career breaks and voluntary changes in hours. As well as the diverse nature of the services we provide, Ashford is also determined to meet the demands of the future with the government's plans to make Ashford Britain's newest gateway to Europe. As with any employer, we will be looking for people who have an enthusiasm for the job they're applying for and who can show a commitment to develop themselves. Most jobs will require a degree of team work, so if you can show you have good communication skills and an ability to get along with all types of people, you should be in with a chance! Most of all, we're looking for people who can understand the importance of improving their own performance to achieve higher levels of service for the community. Please look on our website for further information regarding current job opportunities:
Date of entry 26 November 2004
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