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Amicus Group

Sector Social and Welfare Services
Area Sittingbourne and Sheppey
Nature of Business Housing
Number of Employees 250 - 1,000
Jobs Supplied to Graduates Finance and Accounting, General Management, Social Work, and Technical Support
Vacation work availability Unavailable
Contact name Unavailable
Address 60 Bell Road, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 4HE
Telephone 01795 431134
Fax 01735 431066
Web site
Company notes AmicusHorizon, is an umbrella organisation for a number of housing landlords and housing related subsidiaries. Together we provide homes and services to communities across the London and the South East. With a dedication to providing more than bricks and mortar the Group works to improve the socio-economic circumstances of our residents and the communities that we serve through innovative programs and training schemes. Degrees: Any subject, numerate, Business related, Computing, Social Sciences and Certificate in Housing. Do not recruit specifically for vacation or part-time work, but can accommodate a limited number of individuals interested in housing. Would potentially consider offering sandwich course placements. updated: 15/08/08
Date of entry 21 January 2002
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